About ISTERH-2019


The theme of ISTERH-2019 conference emphasizes “Systemic Impact of Trace Elements on Human Health and Diseases: Nutrition, Toxicity, and Beyond”.


The purpose of ISTERH-2019 is to bring together worldwide experts from academia, industry, government and non-government organizations to discuss new advances, to identify research gaps, and to define future research needs in one of the long-lasting research areas, i.e., the health and harmful impact of trace elements on humans.


The ISTERH-2019 will explore the current state of research and discovery on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of trace element’s effects on human health, mammalian and non-mammalian models for metal’s health research, in vitro models to assess developmental metal toxicity, as well as observations from human cohort studies. Moreover, the ISTERH-2019 will discuss the beneficial implication of trace elements on the body systems, consequential changes, as well as broader worldwide environmental health preventions and internationally occupational safety promotion.


The ISTERH-2019 is open to anyone who has an interest in trace elements beneficial and harmful effects of trace elements.


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